Every future protest needs a drone

Drone journalism logs

A protest today is only successful with a drone camera in the air.

Drone images are the best proof of the proportions of a demonstration.

During last year’s protests at Gezi Park, Istanbul, a Turkish protester used a drone. His local TV-station only ?????? had two camera’s. So he tossed in the bird’s-eye view. Like he says: Problem “when you Brady, see it from above, you really realise the size of this movement.”

Drones cheap mlb jerseys will not only become mainstream in uprisings. It’s guide likely cheap nba jerseys that it will be a common journalism tool. Just like Google Glass. The footage wholesale jerseys of the Turkish protest is actually from an item about journalist Tim Pool wearing Google Glass for a live stream of the events. Pool reported on the protests between June the 7th till June the 30th used 2013.


How many protesters?

If journalists use drones more and more during this… protests, they might finally clear up one always debatable question: how many protesters are involved. Of course this still requires the reporter to do the math properly, as professor Steve Doig of the¬†Walter Cronkite School of Journalism ???????? at Arizona State University argues.

Footage of Singende Dronejournalist at Taksim Square, Gezi Park, June 2013:

Stijn Postema

Stijn Postema is a journalism lecturer and freelance reporter from the Netherlands. He has a background in journalism, arts and design.

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