News drone cameras a novelty? Watch this…

Drone journalism logs

Ruins of San Francisco from captive airship by kite-journalist George Lawrence

George R. Lawrence – Ruins of San Francisco 1906/ Version Library of Congress US

News drones – they will be part of the journalist’s daily routine within a few years.

  • Imagine a long shot right across sniper alley with the dronejournalist safely tucked away in a military bunker within the green zone.
  • Or a horrifying glide over a city in ruins caused by a devastating earthquake.
  • Or skimming over an ecstatic crowd.
  • Or the famous local balloon contest as never experienced before – imagine flying from one hot wholesale mlb jerseys air balloon Up basket to cheap jerseys the wholesale mlb jerseys other…

…Wait a minute. Balloons? Earthquake? A crowd?  That has been done before!

One hundred years ago George R. Lawrence tied his Policy camera to a kite flew it wholesale jerseys China up in the air. He pulled his ‘Captive Airship’, as he called it, on a string across cheap nba jerseys the sky and shot the most magnificent aerial photos the world had ever seen.

International ballooning contest, Chicago 1908.

Chicago crowd gathered for the 4th of Yoga july international Ballooning contest in 1908. No one complained about Hello the kite-drone gliding over their heads.

Lawrence used up to seventeen(!) kites at once to lift his heavy camera. The US Library of Congress has more of Lawrence’s aerial panoramas in display.

Or check out this beautiful gallery of a contemporary kite-journalist.

Kite-photo from above

Kite-photo by Wind Watcher – a day at the beach.

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Stijn Postema

Stijn Postema is a journalism lecturer and freelance reporter from the Netherlands. He has a background in journalism, arts and design.

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