Design NYT : Olympic Downhill in Central Park

A fair example of aesthetic journalism in The New York Times: Is That a Luge in Times Square?

Downhill in Central Park


What’s good about it?

  • The photos are superb on their own, even without the manipulation.
  • The text is simple, yet visual.
  • The 3205 feet high, 2.2 mile long Downhill Course right across Central Park, has animated smoke coming from the chimneys.
  • The plain infographics add a touch of elegance to the page design.


The article is surprisingly placed in the New York Times online interactive section. Is it interactive? No, it’s not. It’s well designed and entertaining sports journalism. A nice journalistic angle to describe the size of Sochi’s olympic features.


Be sure to check the credit line: Teamwork. Eleven professionals worked on this one piece. That’s sheer luxury. But still, credits for both designers and journalists.

Stijn Postema

Stijn Postema is a journalism lecturer and freelance reporter from the Netherlands. He has a background in journalism, arts and design.

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