Climate change website: accurate and strong visuals

A visual attractive and informative website on Climate change

Big Facts on Climate Change: visually attractive, resourceful and well-documented

Think you know all about Climate Change? Big Facts explains in easy-to-understand infographics where our planet is heading. The website provides beautiful insight.


Imagine how frustrating it must be for researchers to see their studies misinterpreted by journalists and designers. If you ever interviewed an academic on his field, you know what I am talking about. Here is a tip: always let a researcher check the facts of your article or design. He will always find something that can be more accurate.

 Peer reviewed visuals
Why don’t we present the information ourself, the researchers thought at CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research). Why don’t we present our studies accurate, peer reviewed and up-to-date. Why don’t we start a visual attractive website. And why don’t we call it Big Facts., so it’s clear we are not talking about small, inaccurate truths here.

CGIAR explains in clear infographics how climate change impacts people directly

Big Facts explains in easy to understand graphics how climate change impacts people. All backed up by peer reviewed data.

Well, a great idea doesn’t automatically make a great execution. But in this case, CGIAR did a fantastic job.
The new website:

  • Has a sound flat design, coherent on all pages – and interactive.
  • Shows easy to understand infographics.
  • Has open-access resource. Meaning that everyone (including journalists and designers) can use and share facts and visuals.
  • Is well researched and documented. Including referencing to all used sources.
  • Claims to be accurate. The future will reveal if Big Facts can fulfil this promise.

Want to know where we stand and where our planet is heading? Check out Big Facts.

How will Africa look by 2050? The Climate change visuals are backed up by research.

How will Africa look by 2050? The Climate change website shows, and backs it up by research.



Stijn Postema

Stijn Postema is a journalism lecturer and freelance reporter from the Netherlands. He has a background in journalism, arts and design.

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